The Proto-Indo-European Religion is reconstructed on the basis of linguistic analysis of the languages used by Indo-European-speaking people. This website gives scholarly information on what is known about this religion, and the status of research in the field. Particular emphasis is placed on the oldest sources in each language group, but folklore, traditions and even christianized versions of Proto-Indo-European Goddesses, myths and rituals have been used. In India, the religion continues as it has for millennia, so information from recent or modern sources is relevant to the study.

Spletna stran bazira na relavantnih virih o IE religiji, kot je delo Ivanova in Gamqreližeja Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans: a reconstruction and historical analysis of a proto-language and a proto-culture (Indoevropejskij jazyk i indoevropejcy). Gre za redko delo o tej temi, ki se dobi tudi v naših knjižnicah.